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  • Ladder 45
    At a young age, Jackie was already doing things that seemed crazy to many of her friends from the neighborhood.
  • Scratch Off Tickets
    “12 times 9 is 108 Dad! I should get half that money. You’re tryin’ to tell me a story!” Little Billy shot back, already mimicking the brusque facial expressions and tone of his father.
  • The World by Train / Part 2
    Lviv is a beautiful city, full of soldiers on leave from the front. I can imagine soldiers from many past conflicts, enjoying their coffees and walks through the park
  • Side Jawn
    A cacophony of other drivers noisily followed suit. It was already dark, around 8pm on a school night. Jake felt bad for the parents on the block trying to put their kids to bed.
  • Sleeping in ‘Bandos
    One of the men from the group on the steps approached the group waiting for the bus. He wore a dark brown leather Avirex jacket and Air Maxs, both surprisingly in good shape despite his financial situation.